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Friday, 3 September 2010

New Year, new job

So, here we are again in September and the start of a new year (well it is for anyone involved in education or politics). I always think it is a wonderful time of year, full of promise. Of course, it is sad to bid farewell to the long, heady days of summer but the thrill of the new year helps ease the pain. This year, I start the new term at a new company. On Monday I start at The Communication Group where I will be heading up the public affairs side of the business. It is a long established company with a great reputation and I am looking forward to joining the team. Naturally I am somewhat apprehensive - a whole new set of colleagues and clients to meet and know, new processes to get to grips with. And I know that I will really miss my old team and indeed my former clients but I am also incredibly excited at the prospect starting afresh. I just hope that the tea culture is not too different. Wouldn't it be terrible if they didn't enjoy a brew as much as I do?

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